• Archi-learn is an on-line self-study learning management platform for the built environment professionals to meet their regulatory obligations to qualify for renewal of registration through continuous professional and personal development.
  • The Archi-Learn Academy was founded by Dhanashwar Basdew Pr Senior Architectural Technologist, Architectural Activist and Transformational Visionary to bridge the digital divide between e-learning, and in contact learning.
  • Dhanashwar Basdew is a former Corporate Governance Officer and National Executive President SAIBD, SACAP Council and Exco member and chairperson Communication and Stakeholder relations.

Why Choose us for CPD

  • ALA keeps you up to date with the latest regulatory and business trends to meet your practice management and
    personal development objectives through a wide range of webinars, face to face seminars and online self-paced learning.
  • All learning material for category1 developmental actives is validated by SACAP recognised voluntary association. We provide both category 1 certified and category 3b (individual actives) educational learning courses.
  • On successful completion of the self-paced online course and passing the self-assessment evaluation, a CPD certificate to will be issued for both category 1 and category 3b developmental activities.

Looking for a place to Begin?

Simply browse the menus, and search for your favourite topic in the search bar where you will find step
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